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Project Description
This project started with the released source of Litecoin and was ported to compile and run successfully using MSVC 2012 and Qt5.1 (both 32 and 64 bit).

It will build a complete version of both the daemon and Qt GUI application, including qr-encode, upnp, and all the translations.

Update (March 2nd) I have removed the build-helper directory which contains the batch files to build all the dependencies. The exact same files exist in my bitcoin project so please get them here:

There are a number of dependencies and I have provided batch files to help you build those libraries using MSVC 2012. Please see the file in MSVC/BuildHelpers. Note that all dependent libraries are built static with static C runtime linkage.

I just added (February 20) a new project that will build a command line exe that will ask you for a string and then build a genesis hash from that string and the current time and date. You can just plug it in to your code if you want to create a new Litecoin clone.

I had to make a few changes to the source to allow it to compile and run successfully to download the blockchain and execute transactions. You can use a tool, such as WinMerge to compare my src directory to the src directory published in the version of Litecoin.

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